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2012-01-17 13:46:27 by ColdReaver

Well, I really don't feel like writing a whole paragraph, like I usually do, so I'll keep this brief.
Psion Steel's been postponed. Just got alot to do already, I'm gonna be graduati

Well, I really don't feel like writing a whole paragraph, like I usually do, so I'll keep this brief.
Psion Steel's been postponed. Just got alot to do already, I'm gonna be graduating this september so I've been trying to land a job beforehand. As far as flashworks go, I've been working on a game with
skiek-sprite, and it's looking awesome so far and will be a real treat for everyone. On top of that, I've been working on a Halloween collab for a friend, It has a small number of parts, so anyone who decides to join in will get co-authored. There's three spots left if I'm not mistaken, so If theres any animators that want to get some work in and join this awesome collab check out
Dirtshake's Profile Page and drop a comment or even pm him if your interested.

No frontpage post is complete without art right? so here's a screenshot from my halloween collab part.
Hmm... on a completely unrelated note, is anyone getting halo reach when it comes out? I know I will lol. That and Vanquish!

Current projects, other projects, oh and the halloween collab

For a speeding ticket I got a few months back that I forgot to pay off lol. Been getting calls stating that I've been given a warrant for my arrest for "contempt of court". Hmmm.. Fuck it, I'll go pay it off next week.

If for whatever reason your expecting me to act like a real G and attempt to outrun the Po-Po then I'm sorry to disappoint you, I'll just pay my damn fine.

Anyway, besides that, I've decided to continue on with Psion Steel, thanks to a friend who stopped me from making a grave mistake and submitting this early in parts (you know who you are bro). Even though I'm still getting a few crashes here and there, It's nowhere near as bad as it was before, It's actually tolerable now. As for the animation itself, it's going to explain the backdrop of the story in the Psion series. Hopefully It'll clear up any questions anyone had about my prior animations as there was alittle bit of confusion.
Visually it's lookin pretty sexy right now, I still got 2 more big scenes to finish and whatnot.
You will all LOVE it I'm sure of it, I'm eager to finish this, but I gotta take my time, don't wanna rush this Gem of mine.

Anyway, enough about me, how's everyone's week been so far? Hopefully within the bounds of the law, lol XD

There's a warrant for my arrest apparently...


2010-04-20 20:49:12 by ColdReaver

Seriously!! Every fucking time the same damn thing happens whenever I work on a movie. Although
I never expected it to happen this soon. Hell, my new movie's file size aint even that big and it's chugging already, like an old beat up car running it's last mile.
On top of that IT KEEPS CRASHING.
Like HOLY SHIT is the move really that Uber that flash just drops everything and crashes?? I lost a lot of animation progress when flash suddenly stops responding and closes, and it's happened several times. DAMN IT!
Has anyone ever encountered this problem? It's not a question of optimization, I optimize EVERY animation I work on, so that can't be the problem, which leads me to believe that the program it's self is just being un-cooperative.

Fuck it, I'm splitting this into two parts. Only shitty part is that I haven't even began the second portion of this. But whatever, I'll be able to finish the second half easily. Well, for those of you who were waiting for it I guess you'll be able to see this earlier than expected.
I really don't want to do it, but flash is being a real bitch right now and won't stop slowing down/crashing, all the time.

I bet toon boom never gets this problem...Hmmm..


Eating Fried Chicken

2010-03-27 03:13:13 by ColdReaver

And to think, all these years I've been eating chicken the wrong way, So sloppy and with no finesse.
Thank you dcigs for teaching me the error of my ways, I'll remember to bring hot sauce with me on every occasion.

Hmmm...would it be stereotypical to say that I got a craving for fried chicken? With watermelon and some koolaid? Even if it is, it sounds mighty good right about now...

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I'm quitting animation

2010-03-04 21:32:21 by ColdReaver

Just for today =) I need a break, I've been working on my project far too much.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop by and throw down a post, seeing as how I havent done that in forever.
I'm still alive and working on my projects, Psion steel is shaping up to be something truely great, and it'll be an awesome and entertaining watch. I've also made the decision to split it into two parts. For a long time now I've been thinking that I should submit it as one big flash, but theres 2 large fight scenes that I'm working really hard on to complete and the final fight scene is going to be the biggest and most epic one of them all. That alone will take up alot of space, not only that but I also have to include the closing scenes, so that in itself could become its own episode, which is why I'm splitting them in two.

I've been goin hardcore on this for the past couple of weeks, and I should be done this by next month, FOR REAL this time haha ( I'm terrible with deadlines).
I'm really eager to show this to all of you. My first full-fledged brush animation, and it's AWESOME.

I'm quitting animation

My Huge black

2009-10-21 02:12:24 by ColdReaver

Licorice, well, it was more like choclate licorice but it was good all the same.

Man, it feels like I've been out of comisison for along time, but my new toon will be up in a month or two so look forward to it. It should've been done alot sooner, but life got in the way of it's completion. I'm back to work on it and it looks fuckin amazing, It's made to explain the story of my series and at the same time is also a side story to my main series. Hopefully It clears up any questions about all my episodes up to this point. Look forward to it! It'll have the sickest fight scenes I've ever animated, and an in-depth story to match. As far as animation and artwork is concerned, it'll be my greatest flash animation I've created up to this point, and I'm only getting better.
I'm hoping to get it done by late November, if not, then sometime december. I WILL HAVE IT DONE before the end of this year, that's a promise!
here's a screenshot from one of the scenes in my animation

My Huge black


2009-08-04 03:14:22 by ColdReaver

I was gaming with some friends on Gears of war 2 multiplayer when all of a sudden the whole damn tv shut off including my 360, when I got up and looked at it, there it was, the three red rings flashing like crazy. My god.. I was freaked out, I thought my 360 was dead so I quickly shut it off. Came back to it 3 hours later to see if it still worked and it's running just fine.. phew.. I don't know why It did that but I guess it doesn't matter now that it's working as usual.

Anyway, Finally glad I'll be working on my main projects next week. Been busy with other priorities, including midterms and exams, I haven't been very productive at all flash wise, but now that I got that crap done and out of the way, I can start working on these gems.
Still working with everyone on the disturbed collab, I've been working hard on getting that done and out of the way. After that, Psion steel will be picked back up on, (and it won't take me long to finish it I promise). Also, In my previous post I also mentioned the game project me and a friend were working on, I've uploaded some artwork and a screenshot in my art portal, so If your curious, go check it out!
I don't have much else to say besides that. I'll do my best to finish my projects and get them out to you guys to see. Here's a screenshot from my collab part, hope that you all enjoy it.



This Art portal Is SHIT!!

2009-06-18 22:08:16 by ColdReaver

I meant it's "THE Shit"! I'm definitely gonna put up some artwork sometime!
Rob did an awesome job with this so props to him on that. As for updates, I'm still torn between working with three projects, Which is why I havent submitted anything yet, I aint dead, just really busy.
I'm still working on one last collab part for the Disturbed collab, once I get that done, I'll pick up on Psion Steel again, and the game project me and fickludd have been working on.
I can't leave a blog post without something, so here's a screenshot of Psion steel.
Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta check out more of this Artsy potal thing!

This Art portal Is SHIT!!

.........No, not me, I'm not a programmer. I'm sure if you all look around you'll find people to help you out with that.
Sorry for getting your hopes up heheh
Good luck to those who participate, this sounds like a kickass event!

Anyone Need a Programmer for the Power of Three project?